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Case Studies

International Trade Issue Advocacy:

Trade Secret Theft:  Crafted program to secure transatlantic CEOs’ and U.S. and European political leaders’ support for the unwavering protection of intellectual property rights.

Result: Designed policy guidance to ensure the issue of trade secret theft became a priority for U.S.-EU joint work.

Foreign Direct Investment:

Monitored, analyzed and briefed institutional investors on prospects for completion of foreign acquisitions of U.S. publicly traded companies in several sectors, with particular focus on national security considerations.

Result: By providing regular verbal and written analysis of regulatory proceedings, helped investors avoid premature investment decisions based on positive or negative news flows. 

Political Risk Affecting Energy Sector:

A manager of a large international investment portfolio requested assistance in understanding public policy implications for large integrated oil and gas companies.

Result:  Organized a series of bi-annual meetings in Washington with U.S. government and private sector analysts covering environmental, tax, trade, transportation and foreign policies, as well as international and domestic political risk scenarios for key energy producing countries.  These meetings provided the client with a deeper understanding of the Washington policies and geopolitical factors affecting his industry.

Political Analysis for Auto Parts Sector:

Detroit-based executives of companies in the auto parts sector sought independent perspective on U.S. presidential and Congressional election prospects and implications for their domestic and global business operations.

Result:  Briefed and led discussion with high-level business executives from several multinational auto parts firms, covering U.S. politics, and the outlook for relevant policies.  The participants gained greater understanding of key issues with a focus on fiscal and international trade issues. 

Expanding Market Opportunities for Pharmaceutical Industry:

An investment banker sought to learn about potential opportunities for multinational pharmaceutical companies resulting from U.S. trade negotiations underway.

Result: Provided detailed briefing and on the origin, status and timing of U.S. initiatives with the Pacific Rim and the European Union, with emphasis on regulatory convergence and intellectual property protection.  This enabled the financial institution to better evaluate opportunities for investment in this sector.  

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