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Where the Jobs Are

Where the Jobs Are
Kathryn Hauser
June 14, 2016
Job creation across the American economy tumbled in May, with the economy adding just 38,000 positions.  Economists, analysts, and politicians are trying to make sense of these numbers.  The sharp decline in labor force participation over the first half of 2016 casts doubt on hopes for a stronger economic recovery.  What’s not being discussed is where the new jobsarebeing created – and what can be done to encourage firms to hire more workers.

Fast Track Opponents are Off-Track in Maligning Multinationals

Last Friday, as the Senate prepared to wind up its debate over TPA (also known as “Fast Track”) legislation, Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) took to the floor to reiterate his opposition:
“In looking at trade bills that have passed in Congress in the years past, it’s not going to help the people I want to help.  I’m happy that multinational corporations are doing well, but my first goal is not them.  It’s people who work for a living.”
The Senate approved the legislation, but prominent Democrats in the House of Representatives, where the TPA bill will face a tougher battle, share Sen.
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